ACE 2000 SDK

ACE2000 SDK- AGV Control Executive Software Development Kit – is the development platform, for programming AGV’s using ACE – our high level language for applicational AGV programming. ACE is used for control of all automatic functions of AGVs equipped with AGVE’s on-board control system. It is uniquely designed to support all features of our control concept and meets requirements, set by even the most complex vehicle.



ACE2000 and the ACE language is a tool for programming AGVs with all types of navigation methods, wheel configurations and load handling principles.

The ACE2000 is an IDE software package for PC/Windows and is designed to support the development of ACE programs for on-board storage. It integrates editor, compiler, linker, programming and communication tools, and utilities into a platform for complete systems development, programming and testing.

ACE Example

ACE is programmed in tables. One table will move the AGV between two points in the layout. The ACE table can include only movements or load handling. The following example includes only movement of a laser guided AGV:

#TAB MOVE_A_B 25 ; Start of ACE Table 25
SPEED 100 ; Set the drive speed to max 1 m/sec.
PATH 123 ; Follow pre-defined Path #123
COORD 800 1250 ; Move until X=800 and Y=1250 cm
AABS LIFT 750 C ; Start preset of lift to 750 mm above floor
COORD 800 1856 CS ; Move until x=800 and y=1856, stop if no further commands buffered
RET ; End of Table.