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AGV Solutions Announces Project at a

Major Manufacturer of Print and Copy Equipment


In a continuing quest to automate and streamline manufacturing, a major manufacturer of print and copy equipment was able to improve efficiency and increase profits with the help of AGV Solutions!

This four vehicle system automates the flow of manufacturing from receipt of raw materials, through production, and on to shipping or inventory. Each A4 FLC Laser Guided Vehicle handles loads up to 1200lbs with a lifting height of up to 19ft. Controlled by our state-of-the-art on-board AGV controls that are used in over 3500 AGVs worldwide, our A4-FLC runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our AGVs communicate with the company’s internal Wi-Fi system and has our standard stationary Windows-based AGV Manager (AGVM) software that provides AGV traffic control and monitoring, graphical user interface (GUI) for system overview, transport order management, system and equipment I/O interface, and extensive event logging and diagnostics. We have developed an SQL interface to the customer’s existing WMS.

Once the vehicle received a job request from the WMS, the AGV picks up incoming raw materials, stores the materials, and delivers it JIT to production. Finished goods coming out of production are transported and stored in the warehouse and delivered from the warehouse to shipping lanes for truck loading.
The manufacturer has already seen an improvement in efficiency, reduction in costs, and a quick ROI.



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