Announcement of acquisition of AGVE AB

The shareholders of AGVE AB (hereinafter, AGVE) have entered into an agreement with Murata Machinery, Ltd. (hereinafter, Muratec) whereby Muratec will acquire all the issued stock of AGVE AB of Gothenburg Sweden, from the existing shareholders. AGVE and its fully owned subsidiaries, AGV Solutions LLC in the US and AGVE Ltd in UK, will become 100% subsidiaries of Muratec.

The combination of AGVE and Muratec’s technical resources will enable enhanced AGV solutions to be jointly developed. The products will be supplied across the world utilizing Muratec’s strength in the Asian and Japanese market and AGVE’s existing presence in the European and US markets. The new business will build on Muratec and AGVE’s long track record of innovative products and impressive growth in the AGV market.

The global market for AGVs is showing strong growth and the new business structure will enable Muratec and AGVE to make even faster progress in meeting the requirements of both global and local customers. The combined business is already a major supplier to a wide range of sectors from automotive to healthcare, and pharmaceuticals to the process industries.

“The AGVE acquisition is an important part of Muratec’s strategy for the Material handling equipment market segment,” said Daisuke Murata, President and C.E.O. of Murata Machinery, Ltd. “We are facing Increasing demands for advanced AGV systems in the market these days, and feel a sense of urgency to accelerate our development activities. The rich resources of AGVE which is located in the center of the eco-system of AGV in Gothenburg will surely help us to achieve it.”

AGVE has a dedicated team of world leading engineers and by continually extending its local presence is supplying AGV systems to over 20 countries through its direct subsidiaries in USA and UK and local partners. The combination of Muratec and AGVE will achieve even stronger customer service worldwide.

The head office and main production site of AGVE will continue to be in Gothenburg Sweden.

Scheduled closing date for the share transfer is 28 February 2018, subject to conditions precedent prior to closing.


AGV Solutions Press release

AGV Solutions

Live Demo – A4 Automated Guided Vehicle    


April 3-6, 2017, McCormick Place, Chicago, IL.


Stop by our booth S4666 to see our A4-FLC Automated Guided Vehicle in action!

Lift Capacity = 4400 lbs (2000kg)
Lift Height = 23 feet (7000mm)

Need something a bit smaller or larger?  Stop by for information on other vehicle types to fit your needs – several standard AGVs available!

Stop by our Booth #S4666 for additional information and to have all of your AGV questions answered!

Why Automated Guided Vehicles??

**Affordable, Addresses Safety Concerns, Streamlines Manufacturing, Flexible and Adaptable, Reduces Product Damage, Runs 24-7-365, All Types of Loads, Weights, Products, and Industries, Highly Customizable, Integrates with Other Automation, Eliminates Unnecessary Fork Trucks, Increases Profits**

We have an AGV SOLUTION for you!

Register Now to Attend PROMAT 2017:

AGV Solutions Press release

AGV Solutions announces it will attend ProMat 2017

April 3-6, 2017, McCormick Place, Chicago, IL.

Exciting information on our current line of Automated Guided Vehicles – one of which will be showcased in our Booth # S4666 during the ProMat 2017 show!

AGV Solutions is part of the AGVE Group of Companies and offers affordable automated guided vehicles to streamline your manufacturing and increase your profits! Our installed base of over 2500 AGVs worldwide includes our standard line of forklift, unit load, and tugger AGVs as well as over 130 unique designs customized to meet the needs of all industries.
AGV Solutions designs and installs highly sophisticated AGVs and covers the entire life cycle of your AGV system including, but not limited to, concept design, production and commissioning required in your project, as well as the support and maintenance afterwards and during the many years of operation.
Our new real-time AGV Control System called AGV Manager (AGVM) is a stand-alone, MS Windows based package and is used in multiple major AGV projects around the world.
This system provides AGV traffic control and monitoring, graphical user interface (GUI) for system overview, transport order management, system and equipment I/O interface, and extensive event logging and diagnostics.
Stop by our Booth #S4666 for additional information and to have all of your AGV questions answered!


We have an AGV SOLUTION for you!

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promat press1

AGV Solutions Press release

AGV Solutions Announces Project at a

Major Manufacturer of Print and Copy Equipment


In a continuing quest to automate and streamline manufacturing, a major manufacturer of print and copy equipment was able to improve efficiency and increase profits with the help of AGV Solutions!

This four vehicle system automates the flow of manufacturing from receipt of raw materials, through production, and on to shipping or inventory. Each A4 FLC Laser Guided Vehicle handles loads up to 1200lbs with a lifting height of up to 19ft. Controlled by our state-of-the-art on-board AGV controls that are used in over 3500 AGVs worldwide, our A4-FLC runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our AGVs communicate with the company’s internal Wi-Fi system and has our standard stationary Windows-based AGV Manager (AGVM) software that provides AGV traffic control and monitoring, graphical user interface (GUI) for system overview, transport order management, system and equipment I/O interface, and extensive event logging and diagnostics. We have developed an SQL interface to the customer’s existing WMS.

Once the vehicle received a job request from the WMS, the AGV picks up incoming raw materials, stores the materials, and delivers it JIT to production. Finished goods coming out of production are transported and stored in the warehouse and delivered from the warehouse to shipping lanes for truck loading.
The manufacturer has already seen an improvement in efficiency, reduction in costs, and a quick ROI.



New automated guided vehicle supplier enters North American market

AGV Solutions, located in Charlotte, N.C., has entered the North American AGV systems market with a complete line of standard AGV designs.

The line includes forklift AGVs, unit load AGVs and specialty AGVs handling loads ranging from light duty in hospital logistics to heavy loads in the steel industry. “AGV Solutions is a new company which has decades of experience with AGV System technology in the North American market,” said the company’s founder and president Mats Herrstromer.

AGV Solutions is a collaboration between AGVE, a Swedish AGV System supplier and Herrstromer, an executive with more than 35 years experience in the AGV business. AGVE has been a leading manufacturer of AGVs and AGV controls since 1985. AGVE has manufactured more than 1,000 vehicles and 3,000 AGV control units installed worldwide.

AGVE offers a complete line of standard and custom AGVs. These AGVs offer payloads from a few pounds to 65 tons, lifting heights up to 36 feet with the use of any type of navigation such as laser, vision, contour, wire, magnet and tape. AGVE also provides a windows based AGV Control system for order management, traffic control and route management with an intuitive graphical user interface.

Herrstromer has more than 35 years’ experience in the AGV industry in Europe and North America. In 1988, Herrstromer founded AGV Products in Charlotte, N.C. The company grew to one of the leading AGV suppliers in North America. Herrstromer was president of AGV Products for more than 20 years when the company was acquired by HK Systems in 2008. HK Systems was subsequently acquired by Dematic in 2010.