Aftermarket & Service Management

Service and Service management contracts:

AGVE can provide vehicle and component service including  long term contracts with complete vehicle service programs, support and spare part supply.

With our service concept and maintenance program the customer will be able to secure maximum performance, maximize life length, minimise downtime and life cycle cost for the systems.

Based on our 25 years of experience within the AGV industry we believe that the best way of reaching above goal is to have a 6 to 12-month interval maintenance programs where maintenance personnel from AGVE visit the customer site and perform the maintenance program according to our well proven maintenance protocol.

For more information please contact Mats Herrstromer ( or +1 704 905 0559)


Repair and spare parts

At AGVE we have developed our own electronic control platform. This gives the company a unique knowledge of the products and and also gives us the ability to maintain and repair all parts. By controlling our own logistical and manufacturing chain we are able to support products delivered as far back as in the 80’s.

We have also a superb knowledge and skills of repairing a large number of different driving units.

For more information please contact Mats Herrstromer ( or +1 704 905 0559)